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Are you looking for a reliable, affordable auto locksmith in the region? Stephens AR Locksmith Store is a professional locksmith service that has been active in the local community for well over a decade. We have assisted local car owners with all kinds of lock-related requests over the years. We can repair car locks, rekey them, and replace them. We make car keys – including high security keys – quickly. We can also help with lockouts, if you’ve been locked out of your car or car trunk.

Transponder keys made

Stephens AR Locksmith Store Stephens, AR 501-490-9742During the 1990s, it was easy for thieves to open vehicle doors and “hotwire” cars to steal them. Car manufacturers began experimenting with advanced security systems and today it’s become very difficult for thieves to steal cars. For example, many cars are fitted with transponder keys. Transponder keys – or smart keys, as they are popularly called – contain a computer programmed chip on them. This chip has to interact with the immobilizer in the car to get it to disengage. If the chip isn’t present on the key or if it doesn’t have the right code on it, the car won’t start. Our auto locksmith service can make you new transponder keys in a short span of time, at an affordable price.

Ignition switch repair

Is the ignition switch in your car giving you trouble? Our locksmiths can get stuck or broken ignition switches repaired. Our automotive locksmith service will replace the ignition switch entirely, if that proves necessary, at an affordable price.

Specialized auto locksmith team:

Our auto locksmiths are all well trained professionals with years of experience behind them. Not everyone has the knowledge or the experience necessary to get around advanced security systems on cars. We can help you get inside any kind of locked vehicle that you’ve lost the keys too quickly. Our locksmiths are very well trained and can handle most locksmithing requests in a short span of time.

24/7 professional auto locksmith

You can hire our auto locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all the year round. We are available when you need us the most – even during the major holidays. Our mobile locksmith vans reach all corners of Stephens and beyond in 20 minutes. We provide roadside assistance. All you have to do is call us and our locksmiths will be there before you know it.

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