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Stephens AR Locksmith Store Stephens, AR 501-490-9742Keys break inside locks all the time. If that has happened to you and you are a resident of the region, Stephens AR Locksmith Store’s experienced locksmiths can help you out. We run a professional locksmith service that has the tools and expertise necessary to get broken keys removed from locks in quick time. Ourbroken key extraction service is fast, reliable, and affordable.

Why do keys break?

Keys can break because of structural defects, through improper use, because of accidents and through regular wear. Sometimes, during extreme weather like snow, the key’s metal becomes brittle and breaks inside the lock when you try to turn it in the lock. Stephens AR Locksmith Store’s broken key extraction service can be counted on to get your key out of the lock in no time at all.

We have all the necessary tools:

Stephens AR Locksmith Store’s locksmiths have the tools necessary to remove key pieces from the lock without causing damage to it or the door in any way. We can do it for you quickly. If you attempt to do it yourself, chances are you could end up irreparably damaging the lock or even the door. You should let our experts handle it instead.

Cost effective 24/7 service

Our broken key extraction service can be hired 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including in the middle of the night. We don’t charge you extra for any work that we do for you at night, so don’t think twice about calling us if a key breaks off in your lock at 3 am. If you want new keys made or your lock replaced, we can do it for you affordably.

Stephens AR Locksmith Store’s locksmiths offer extra services:

Why did your key break inside the lock in the first place? Was it due to structural defects or was it because the lock’s mechanism was at fault in some way? Our locksmiths can take a look at your lock to ensure it’s working smoothly. We can maintain it for you to ensure it works smoothly in the future and lasts longer. We can also make you new keys – including transponder car keys – in a matter of minutes. We are a mobile locksmith service, so our mobile vans have the machinery needed to make new keys in a matter of minutes.

Are you looking for an affordable, reliable broken key extraction service in and around Stephens? Contact our locksmiths now on 501-490-9742