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Stephens AR Locksmith Store Stephens, AR 501-490-9742These days, you can buy key blanks on the internet at very cheap prices for a wide range of popular locks. So what’s the big deal, you ask? The problem is that thieves use these key blanks during break in attempts to successfully open locks. Statistics tell us that over 30% of all burglars enter a property through the front door. So how are you supposed to protect your family and possessions from thieves and vandals? By getting high-security locks that can only be opened by high security keys!

Stephens AR Locksmith Store is a local locksmith in area that offers a wide range of locks at affordable prices. Our locksmiths are very experienced and we’ve been active in the local community for almost a decade now.

Easy key copying? Not anymore

Some hardware stores in the country are known to illegally make and sell copies of keys that come to them for duplication to thieves. In this day and age where thieves are armed with cutting-edge tools, you need high-security keys that are almost impossible to copy without the right tools. Many have special magnetic layers that make copying them an extremely difficult exercise.

High-security keys: A popular security solution

High-security keys give you a great deal of protection from thieves. Transponder car keys or smart keys, for example, have chips on them that are computer programmed with a code that changes every time they are inserted in a car. If the code on the chip doesn’t match the code on the computer in the car, the car’s immobilizer stays engaged and the car won’t start.

Go keyless with high-security locks

What could be better than high-security keys? Locks that don’t have keys at all! There are a large number of locks available in the market that can be opened only by your voice, for example. There are biometric locks that need your thumb print to open and some can be opened with an app on your phone. If you want to upgrade to a smart keyless system on your home or business property then contact Stephens AR Locksmith Store for a free consultation. We will check your property and recommend some locks for you.

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